I can help with your writing

Cover of the latest book I designed and published.

Cover of the latest book I designed and published.

Ready to Publish?
I can help with editing, book design, layout, and publishing. I did all the editing, book design, and covers for my own books.

In process, bogged down?
I can help with structure, flow, imagery etc. And encouragement.

Just starting?
I can help.

I charge $40 an hour. The first meeting is free.

If you are ready to workshop your writing, get a group of four together. I still charge $40 an hour but you only pay $10 an hour.

I’ve edited several spiritual books, one of which, Right Here, Right Now, went to Number 3 on Amazon.ca. This is what author Canela Michelle Meyers Clippingdale wrote about me on Linked In: “I love all of Jane’s books … and was happy beyond my expectations for the support she gave me as the editor of my book. I feel like life gave me an incredible gift to have Jane as my editor.”